Get to Know Mary

To be honest, I am not a fan of the phrase, “About Me”. Especially following a recent sermon that warned against the frequently touted phrase, “It’s not about you. It’s about God.” True. It’s also about His word, His people. But I get it. When you visit a website, naturally you’d want to know something about the heart of the author.

That being said, I’m married to Bruce Felkins. Our quiver is  amply blessed with four semi-adult children, Anthony, Alexandra, Jonathan, and Caroline. In short, parenting is God’s curriculum to teach how very much I need Him. 

Parenting isn’t for the faint of heart.

I love all things romance…

~A perfectly planned and executed proposal

~ A bride in white floating down the aisle (or meadow, or shoreline, or barn) to Jeremiah Clarke’s classic Trumpet Voluntare toward her dashing lover in black tux

~The mesmerizing full moon with its radiant light slicing across the glassy, black surface of the ocean

~The brilliance of a multi-colored sugar maple tree

~A hero’s welcome. This always has me reaching for a tissue.

I find scripture to be the most romantic writing ever. The scene in Revelation 19:11 is particularly captivating. Christ presents Himself as the Rider on a white horse. His robe is dipped in blood. He is Faithful and True. His angel armies on white horses follow Him as they prepare to do business with the enemy.

I love hilarity. The way I see it, the alternative to laughing is, well, crying.

My passion? Writing. Since I first learned to scribble stories on notebook paper while crazy ideas streamed in my day-dreamy brain. In my former career as a Dietitian, I wrote most of my own teaching material. My first “published” work was in junior high. That baby even had chapters, illustrations drawn in colored marker, and my own logo. 

After a few years’ coaching with My Book Therapy (http://(, my current novel is under contract with Pelican Book Group (http://( The genre is inspirational romance, of course, because the world needs more happily ever afters.