From Ferrari to Food Stamps.

She was a sight to behold, a dream-turned-reality for my husband. A 328, GTS (Gran Turismo Spider) Ferrari featuring a 3.2-litre V8, 4-valve-per-cylinder layout. She boasted the ability to reach a top speed of 166 mph, zero to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds. He chose the color red (Is there seriously any other color?). That racy red […]

Gates and Fences.

         “Seems that the only life I have is inside these gates.” The poor soul. Or maybe not. In this place you can’t enter or exit through the sturdy black iron gate without permission. There are unforgettable consequences awaiting those who try. Aside from hopping over the gate or its adjoining fence, […]

Church Bulletin Bloopers

A church bulletin announced: During our upcoming Easter service Mrs. Smith will be laying an egg on the altar. ******** A little boy was praying at bedtime. “I can’t hear you,” whispered his mother. “I’m not talkin’ to you,” the boy whispered back.

Cloud Cover.

“You have covered Yourself with a cloud so that no prayer can get through.” Lamentation 3:44 Honestly,  it startled me when I first read this verse. There are too many needs for Him to make a shield out of those fluffy white cumulous creations: Baltimore rioting, Nepal death toll rising, the 2016 presidential election. Heck, […]

Guatemala. The Sweet Stuff.

I recently returned from Guatemala with my daughter, Caroline. I didn’t go on this short term mission trip in search of a life-changing event. I’d already visited a village in Mexico years ago and experienced the shock and a good dose of humility that most do when they first see poverty (modest shelters, wooden bed […]