Get to Know Mary

I am not a fan of the phrase, “About Me”. Especially following a recent sermon that warned against the frequently touted phrase, “It’s not about you. It’s about God.”


But I get it. When you visit a website, naturally you’d want to know something about the author.

That being said, I’m married to Bruce Gerritt Felkins, the outstanding young man in my singles Sunday School class at a mega-church in Houston, Texas. I was the starry-eyed college graduate who’d glanced down at Bruce’s Bible this one Sunday morning, squinted to read the gold lettering of his last name on the cover because, well, bride-hopefuls do this sort of thing.

Hmmm. Mary Albers…Felkins?

Yes. That could work.

And darn if he wasn’t the most handsome, dark-haired guy, coloring that hinted of a delicious combo of French and Italian ethnicity.

He must have seen something in me, too, because, months later, he asked me on a date after dinner with friends at Chili’s. Didn’t care for the girl to his left, I suppose, though he’d spent the entire evening talking to her, sizing her up maybe?

As we stood to leave, he matter-of-factly turned to me and said, “You want to go out Saturday night?”

I hesitated for two milliseconds before accepting, trying to look super busy as I recalled my social calendar to assure I had no other obligations. (Pfft. I didn’t.)

That was June, 1988. We married on March 10, 1990. Since then, we’ve been amply blessed with four semi-adult children—who’ve made for a plethora of writing inspiration.

I love all things romance…

~A perfectly planned and executed proposal.

~A bride in white floating down the aisle toward her dashing lover, Clark’s classic Trumpet Voluntare piping through speakers.

~The radiant light of a full moon slicing in enigmatic ripples over the glassy, black surface of the ocean.

~The glory of a multi-colored sugar maple tree.

~A hero’s welcome. This always has me reaching for a tissue.

I believe scripture to be the most romantic story ever. The scene in Revelation 19:11 is particularly captivating. It features Christ, the Faithful and True, who arrives on a white horse to claim his Bride, his robe dipped in blood. In his stead, Angel armies on white horses prepare to do business with the enemy.

I love hilarity. Because the alternative to laughing is…crying. As you dig into my books, my aim is for your heart to smile.

Since I first scribbled silly fantasy stories on notebook paper as a child, the desire to write has simmered beneath the surface, fighting to bubble up and spill ink all over my predictable, safe, and lukewarm path.

Nope. Too risky. I’ll fail. I have nothing important to say.

My first “published” chapter book was written in middle school. That little gem even had chapters, original illustrations, and my own logo. Should anyone choose to check it out of my imaginary library, I created “due date” slips on the inside of the back cover. One can’t be too careful.

Throughout my career as a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, I wrote much of my own teaching material, that niggling need to create with words vying for attention.

Nope. Too risky. I’ll fail. I have nothing important to say.

In 2012, God called me to fasten my seat belt and take this writing life seriously. When I shared word of my decision to pursue publication, one of my sisters commented, “It’s about time.”

After a few years coaching with My Book Therapy, my debut, Call to Love, was published (Pelican Book Group.) The genre is inspirational romance, of course, because the world needs more happily ever afters.

And I believe that you, too, have something vitally important to say.