Abel Still Speaks.

And by faith he (Abel) still speaks, though he is dead.

Hebrews 11:4b

Ever since I received my first Kodak camera I’ve been taking pictures. The little black and silver gem required a snap-on, rotating, cubed flash bulb that offered four clicks – flash! – until it burned out.

After my precious pictures were developed, I’d stick them in those cheapo albums with the highly acidic, peel-back clear adhesive sheets. Beneath each picture I wrote captions, noted the date, the people, and the event.


Because I wanted to tell the story, particularly the evidence of God’s work, while I still had the breath of life in me.

One late night while completing an album page for one of my kids, my heart began to smile as I journaled beneath a photo

Just think. They’ll still hear my voice long after I’m gone.”

He he. 


What. Will. I. Say? 

And…What. Will. They. Hear?

By faith he (Abel) still speaks, though he is dead. Hebrews 11:4b 

Faith or not, a person still speaks long after they take their last breath.

What will my life continue to say after I die? 

Have I left numerous scrawlings about the ways God has provided? The answers to prayer? The perseverance to stand firm when His answers drag on?  

Do I maintain a robust gratitude journal? 

Is there evidence of a bitter heart toward another? Pssst… incinerating private journals might destroy written words, but it won’t fix the condition of one’s heart. 

Is there a relational situation left unresolved because, frankly, I didn’t want to bother?

How about that internet search history?

One glance at social media posts will communicate if pride took up entirely too much residence in my hea.

Will my life say, “In God I trust” or “In Me I trust”?

Long after I am gone, my life will speak. 

When I arrive in my eternal dwelling place – Blessed are those who dwell in your house; they are ever praising you. Psalm 84:4 – what will I be saying to those still walking the earth? To my kids, neighbors, friends, congregation, or extended family?

Today is a good day to take a look at the messages I’ll be leaving behind and determine if any could stand some editing.

How satisfied are you with the message you’ll be leaving behind?


  1. Bill Albers says:

    Many people are observing how we live our lives whether we realize it or not.

    • Mary Felkins says:

      Your life will continue to speak of your faith and unselfish generosity and kindness long after you reunite with your bride in eternity. I am ever so blessed to have observed over 50 years of your faith in action.

  2. Wow…powerful!
    Thanks for the reminder
    Good luck and God’s blessings

  3. Emily Conrad says:

    What a stunning verse! Thank you for this challenge!

  4. So true! Great reminder!

  5. I read this on the first anniversary of my father’s death. Thanks for helping me think about his legacy. He still speaks, and I pray I will do the same.

    • Mary Felkins says:

      God’s timing, His intimate involvement in this way, astounds and delights me! Thanks for reading, friend

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