God Knows That, Too.

O Lord, You have searched me and You know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; 

even from a distance, You know what I’m thinking….You are familiar with all my ways. You know everything I’m going to say before I start the first sentence, O Lord.

Psalm 139:1-4 (NIV/The Msg)

Preparing for an airplane ride from NC to Texas with three of my children, I wanted to buy them each a box of their favorite candy. I already knew what my daughter’s choice would be, so I texted both boys to ask their favorite. 

“Why don’t I know this?” I chided myself, composing the first of two texts. 

And send. 

But it was a good thing I inquired.

For one, I assumed Swedish Fish. He said Hot Tamales.

And for the other one, I figured Sour Patch Kids. Or, based on past experience, that he’d say, Anything is fine with me, Mom. But his response surprised me.

Wild Berry Lifesaver Gummies and Milk Duds

Whaa? No generalizations. Very specific. 

Who knew? 

God knew. Even in matters as insignificant as candy. 

Discussing my oldest daughter’s dreams following college graduation next year, I hadn’t known of them in such detail until she shared at length. But God knew. Especially matters of the heart.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone knew what I liked and disliked, my hopes and dreams?

For instance, when I board an airplane, I’d like fellow passengers to know I’m the one who desires the window seat and wants to read her Kindle in peace and quiet.

Regarding perfume, there are scents I love passionately and some I despise. Don’t buy them for me.

When I gaze at jewelry, there are earrings I’d love to own and others that make me wonder what the designer was smoking when he/she created them.

Do you know my favorite music group of the 80’s? It’s Journey. Still love to jam to their music.

My teen idol crush of the 70’s? Donny Osmond. Yes, God is keenly aware of my idols.

When I make a pot of coffee each night in prep for the next morning, did you know I use only one scoop of caffeinated coffee and the rest decaf? It’s just my thing.

The shape and size of coffee mug matters to me, as well as the amount and blend of artificial sweetener. And I swirl in unsweetened vanilla almond milk (Unsweetened. Vanilla. Almond.) until it’s just the right color. I know that right color when I see it. So does God.

Do you know my favorite candy? 

Doesn’t matter. God knows.

He knows what irks me and why, what fills my lungs with joy and sends me heavenward.

God knows the thoughts I’m going to have and the words I’m going to say before I say it.

He knows me fully and completely. Even before I know.

When Peanut M&Ms were being created, He knew they’d be my favorite. And that any candy with coconut or licorice flavor would make me gag. Don’t buy it for me.

Why doesn’t the world know the things that matter to me?

The world wasn’t meant to know. It can’t and it doesn’t need to. Because God knows completely. Even the thoughts of temptation or those that are downright godless.

Um, He knows those, too.


  1. Love this, Mary! Yes, He knows us – so intricately and intimately. Beautiful truth that warms the heart. Love to you in Christ 💕

    • Mary Felkins says:

      Sometimes that fullness of intimacy is unsettling but I do feel the fullness of His love in it. God’s bless you, sister. Keep writing!

  2. Margaret Eomurian says:

    How sweet to be so intimately known! Thanks for the reminder. So what is Alexandra’s favorite candy?

  3. I was thinking peanut M&Ms before you said it because you post pictures of them!
    It’s such a relief to know I never have to explain myself to God. For better or worse, He always knows my motives and my intentions. That helps when things fall apart.

    • Mary Felkins says:

      Yes, peanut M&Ms are the bomb. I think it’s the salt-sweet factor and I can bite into them for stress relief, as opposed to something soft and chewy. I am grateful He really, really ‘gets it’, as they say. And still desires my company. What a God!

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