He Knows Where I Park.

Um, where I park? If that doesn’t sound like a good intro to a horror film…

But have no fear. It is not.

The other day, after I pulled into my parking space outside the gym and stepped out of the car, there it was. A penny. To you, maybe, no big deal.

But to me a penny is a Big. Deal.


Here’s why…

Since February 2017, God has continued to leave pennies for me here and there, always within the path I take. They serve as a bold and tangible reminder:

I have provided this coin for you. You did not earn it. I gave it to you freely. And though its value is seemingly small through the eyes of humankind, I do not need more than a cent to accomplish the impossible.

As if the written promise of provision in His Spirit-breathed word wasn’t enough…

But consider how a relationship changes when two people move beyond the mere exchange of words and a hand is held, igniting the sense of touch.

Thus, a penny. From God’s palm to mine.

In a text, I shared the excitement with one of my sisters who, turns out, has been collecting pennies for several years. Today when either of us finds one, we send a text with the promise to pray for one another

Now there’s an idea you can try at home, folks. 

But back to the penny…

When I told her I’d found this particular penny in the space beside where I always park at the gym, she texted…

He knows where we park.

The tangible evidence of God’s watch-care takes my breath away. It reinforces the truth of His Word, all those quiet soul whispers He gives to remind me of His presence and unfailing love.

Otherwise it becomes far too easy to let my brain paint an image of God the Father way up in the great somewhere with mighty arms folded while He sits on His throne. The face of peace, yet silent and uninvolved. 

Nothing is further from the truth.

While in His dwelling place, God also lives within me. His Spirit inhabits my very being. That breath I just took? And the one right after it? That was His gift.

That place I prefer to park? God knows about it.

And He watches. From above. From within. From all angles. Nothing escapes His vision.  

This is what the Lord says to me: I will remain quiet and will look on from My dwelling place…Isaiah 18:4a

He cares about everything that concerns me and strengthens me in time of need. 

For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him. II Chronicles 16:9

God not only knows where I park, He knows why I chose that fourth space outside the gym beneath the maple tree… 

For its provision of shade in the summer and radiant color in the fall. A space chosen a distance from the entrance to the gym so the added steps to the front door will rev up my heart before my workout.

In all the places I set my feet, God is watching and longs to show compassion, to strengthen my faith when it weakens.

And He knows when it’s time to leave another penny.

Like a good Father, He knows where we park.

Where have you seen evidence of God’s all-seeing eye over you?














  1. Dear Mary,

    Recently I’ve been thinking about how God is a shield about us. And wouldn’t you know, just this morning, God led me to Psalm 84:11, “The LORD God is a sun and shield; The LORD gives grace and glory; No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly.” I just know He was speaking to me in a special way with that verse because I’m currently reading through the Gospel of Mark. The only reason I found my way to the Psalms is because He led me to read Psalm 83. As I did so, my eyes glanced to the next page and landed on Psalm 84:11. I love how God does things like this in each of our lives! He’s so personal. Love to you in Christ.

    • Mary Felkins says:

      How sweet of Him to lead you there, Emily. I can certainly relate to this. Just this morning, I received a text from said sister with the encouragement not to give up (financial woes…) and this encouragement arrived seconds after I read the same in my morning devotional, Streams in the Desert. God is good and ever present. Amen!

  2. What a great, tangible reminder!

  3. Margaret says:

    Love, Said Sister.

  4. Bill Albers says:

    When I asked my Uber driver this morning how her day was going, she replied that it was SUPER because she found a dime on the back seat after she completed the ride. I wonder if she attached any significance to its source.
    Much love, Dad

    • Mary Felkins says:

      That’s terrific! What a great attitude about such a small gift. I do pray she recognized from Whom all good gifts come.

  5. Martha Mullins says:

    Our pastor recently said: Joy is the “feeling” you have when you choose to look at the beauty of God all around you.
    Thank you for sharing about your penny, and your choice to see God in things around you! How often we miss His gracious fingerprints because we are too busy or distracted!

    • Mary Felkins says:

      Love that. So much is about perspective and attitude. And, yes, focusing on the thing or difficulty it’s easy to miss His gifts, however small.

      I lift my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come from? From the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121. Amen!

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