Fifty Reasons Why

Why? Because it was impossible. It was God’s idea for me to post 50 reasons why I admire my husband, one at a time, leading up to his 50th birthday.  As it is that God’s mind is without limit I knew I couldn’t fail if I allowed Him to be the Author. So I set pen […]

My First Novel…

October 5th, 2015. Just another Monday. Not a good one by my estimation because I’d been lamenting, unknowingly listening to the taunts of the enemy… “You are laboring over this manuscript, but no one wants it. Why bother?” It was on that very same day when I received a routine (though so not routine) email […]

About Me. But Really About Him.

To be honest, I am not a fan of the phrase, “About Me”.  Especially following a recent sermon that warned against the frequently touted phrase, “It’s not about you.  It’s about God.” True.  It’s also about His word, His people. But I get it. When you visit a website, naturally you want to know something […]

Fall Risk (or, What I Learned From a Hideous Yellow Hospital Band).

My daughter was hospitalized last summer for what ended up being three days. Wasn’t on either of our agendas. Inconvenient, painful, disruptive. Humbling for sure. Upon admittance, in addition to the typical ID bracelet, she was also required to wear a bright yellow wrist band.  The words FALL RISK were emblazoned across it. A pair […]

John. The Love of My Life.

I’ve never met the man but his name is John.  I won’t give his last name but you can ask Inez.  She’s sure to tell you…over and over again.  She resides at a nursing home in Newton NC.  The memory unit. When I first introduced myself in the dining hall she told me of her […]