Until It Pleases Him.

All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful.

Psalm 25:10a

If I had a husband who was easily manipulated (he is not), I’d probably request foolish things like, “Today would be a good day for red roses, you know.” And my front door would be ringing within the hour with an impressive floral delivery.

Leaning over the large, glass vase to sniff the romantic bouquet, I’d be pleased.

For a while…

If I said, “A box of dark chocolates – minus the coconut, please – would sure put a smile on my face.” And there on the kitchen table I’d find a heart-shaped box wrapped in red cellophane.

Biting into the dark chocolate-coated candy filled with sweet caramel, my cheeks would chill with delight and I’d be pleased.

For a while…

If I said, “You know that new Chanel perfume I told you I was particularly fond of…?” And, wha la! A lovely new bottle would appear on my bathroom counter, taking its place among other unfinished bottles.

Spraying the scent of tuberose, jasmine and orange blossom across my wrists and neck, inhaling those floral notes, I’d be pleased.

Or would I?

Because soon the rose petals would wilt and curl to brown on the edges, the chocolate candy would be eaten (trust me), and I’d tire of the perfume I was certain would bring me lasting pleasure.

~ Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father… James 1:17a ~

Getting real here, how about prayers for physical healing, the saving of a marriage, shelter… food… financial stability? Courage to share the Gospel? Maybe God will answer those prayers more readily.

Can you imagine serving a God Who allowed Himself to be subject to the whims and selfish petitions of a fallen human? Because more than I’d like to admit, those myopic prayers get mixed in like chaff with sincere heart cries before Him.

While God instructs me to give Him no rest in prayer (Isaiah 62:7), to pray without giving up (Luke 18:1), He won’t be manipulated. Rather, He answers me when and how it pleases Him to do so.

Sound unloving? Feel heartless and unkind? Quite the contrary.

He’s the only One who truly knows what is good and perfect for His children and He’s incapable of being anything less than perfectly loving in all His ways.

All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful. Psalm 25:10a

If I received what I want when I wanted it, at some point those gifts wouldn’t satisfy. They might bring me harm. At the very least, they’d carry the drag of being given by a lover who wasn’t wholly pleased to do so. 

Ick, bleh and cough-cough 🙁

When my prayer reaches God’s heart, I can trust He is governed by a sinless pleasure to bless me with the very best.

That’s what good husbands do.

My challenge is to wait patiently – and with grace – until it pleases Him to answer.






  1. Margaret says:

    It’s the waiting patiently that is hard. Thanks for the reminder that it takes grace to do what we can’t do on our own. Good message!

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