Why You & I Need Refills.

He satisfies your desires with good things. Psalm 103:5a (NIV)

A nearby gas station offers an impossible-to-pass up deal.

Up to a whopping 44 ounces, I can buy a fountain drink for only 79¢. After six of these, the seventh is free. My oldest daughter introduced me to this opportunity a few years back and I’ve chased those refills ever since.

I blame her.

If the desire for another Coke Zero bubbles up and coincides with my need for a writing break, off I go for a refill. 

Wouldn’t it be something if the last 44 ounces I consumed was enough to satisfy me so completely that I’d never have to fill up again?

It doesn’t. According to the attendants (who now greet me by name), I’m not the only one who frequents the place for the same reason.

We’re a people who desire to be satisfied.

And what about those all-you-can eat, stuff ‘n puff restaurants with ridiculously long food buffets and dessert bars? In the space of thirty minutes or less, I’m sure and certain I’ll never eat again.

Until the next morning when my stomach starts grumbling.

Food and drink aren’t the only things that fail to provide lasting satisfaction. 

Consider the sunrise at the beach. I’ve sat and gazed in awe at the awakening of a new day, the warmth, waves and radiant shaft of light stretching a golden ribbon over the water, the glory of God filling me full.  

Then evening draws to a close, the experience long-since waned. So I rise early looking for a refill all over again. 

Same thing on a Blue Ridge Mountain hike in the fall, the colored leaves a soft carpet along the trail. The gentle whisper of the wind through the branches a soulful serenade. Reaching the summit, the rumpled indigo mountainscape boasts its various hues below a dusky sky.

I’ve packaged these emotions in my brain for easy retrieval any time I need them, scanned the multiple photos captured by cell. But when my memory searches its databank and I revisit the images, I only yearn to repeat the experience again.

My insatiable soul begs to be refilled like a once filled to capacity, now drained, 44 ounce cup.

Because nothing in this world God has created in all its glory will satisfy beyond a mere moment in time.

The creation isn’t the Creator.

The Lord is the true God. Jeremiah 10:10a

In and among difficulty, life offers a collection of things that bring sweet memory and joy but, this side of heaven, we’ll always need another refill.

Let’s approach the weekend satisfied by the assurance of heaven where all our desires will be, at long last, be filled. 


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