You, Too, are Essential.

I paid a huge price for you…

That’s how much you mean to me!

That’s how much I love you! Isaiah 43:3-4 (The Msg)

For a few hours each week, I work as a senior caregiver for an elderly, bedridden man. Along with a handful of other caregivers, the family counts on me to see to his needs.

Thus, in this crazy time of dealing with the COVID-19 virus, I am deemed “essential”, a common word that’s spread throughout the media almost as rapidly as the virus itself.

Essential occupation.

Essential worker.

Essential service.

Essential personnel.

But when we’ve conquered this thing and rise again, no more orders to be sheltered in place, free to go about our day, interacting and working and eating out and shopping, then what?

Am I still essential? Or do I revert back to an ordinary girl who cares for a man who can’t care for himself?

That which makes me worthwhile, a necessity, of great worth, is not dependent on the influx of airborne particles.

These verses in Isaiah 43 reminded me of the significant value I have in God’s eyes. While this account references how he brought his people out of Egypt, his soul-stirring sentiment is just as applicable today as when it was written.

Uncertainty, cancellations, and ‘no longer open for business’ won’t change the fact that I’m favored by God.

I am essential because God says I’m essential.

That’s how much you mean to me! (vs 4)

And that’s a God who longs for me to know I am essential.

And you, dear reader, are essential.

No matter what hardships or inconveniences or losses have come our way in the midst of this unprecedented time, God is good and we are unshakably essential and fiercely loved by him.

As a side, I asked my youngest daughter, currently displaced from her college campus and sheltered at home, “Are you essential?”

She didn’t hesitate. “Everything would be thrown out of whack if I didn’t exist.”

Clearly she isn’t suffering any insecurities from the whole conundrum. I pray you aren’t either.

Let me know how you’re responding to quarantine. I’d love to interact with you!


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  1. Great post, Mary!
    We are ALL essential in one way or another – maybe not in the governments eyes but in someone’s!
    Good luck and God’s blessings

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