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Author’s Deadline.

As an agented author, I face deadlines. A manuscript is due, not when I ‘feel like’ hanging out with my imaginary characters, but when the publisher says it’s due. This weekly blog aside, I’ve got a few other non-fiction writing projects that require me to submit articles by a particular day of the month or […]

My Concession Speech.

How excruciating it must be for a candidate running for office to face his or her supporters and concede defeat.  Concede (v): to admit Seriously, after months and months enduring a hard fought, nail-biting campaign, seeking to win a position of power, particularly the highest in the land, and then to raise a hand in […]

The House Within the House.

A friend recently challenged the both of us to remember the authority of God over demons in and around our homes. She suggested each room be prayed over, anointed with oil. Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Matthew 28:18 With varying degrees of […]