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My website is my favorite room in the house. A cozy place where my soul goes to ponder and rest awhile. I hope you have such a place. If not, I warmly invite you here.

As you wander around, ease into an imaginary, comfy, upholstered wing back chair beside a toasty fire while you indulge in a cup of coffee or tea…or, if you’re like me, a refreshing, diet soda. If it’s spring time, you might open the window and welcome a warm and fragrant breeze.

Imagine a room with several mahogany bookshelves sagging with literature intended to stimulate the imagination and ignite the heart. As a subscriber, you’ll receive a weekly story-style devo along with quarterly updates on my inspirational romance books

Weekly posts at Mary’s Musings are meant to leave you pondering, even laughing a bit, and offer biblical truth wrapped in stories that stir your soul. 

When you head over to Oswald’s Chamber you’ll find a compilation of my fav devotions selected from Chambers’ classic My Utmost for His Highest. This Scottish evangelist and Bible teacher scores a minus 5.7 for romance and tact, but, man, could he ever rivet the truth to one’s heart, mind and soul.

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